Hey All,

We had a Captains Meeting a couple of weeks ago with the following notes:

– League Fee remains at $450 and is due by Nov. 1st to Mark Pretty
– we have 8 teams this year, so 4 full matches with multiple reffing teams
– If you must cancel a match it must be done 24 hours in advance
– In even of forfeit the match can still be played for fun if agreed upon
– please also notify the team that is supposed to be reffing the match in event of cancellation
– Please show 4 people AT MINIMUM for reffereeing.
– If there is interest, we will run a basic refereeing clinic and Mark and I are always happy to answer any questions you have about the league or the rules of the game.
– We are playing at GLSS (aka SCITS) from 7:30-10pm this year. That means it’s very important teams get there early to set up and prepare so we can get started asaap
-We’ll be having match 1/2 at 7:30pm lasting 4 games and match 3/4 starting at 8:45 and lasting 4 games.

Practice Week 1

Court Jesters vs The Amigos
Bad News Bears vs Refined Fool

Why Not Us? vs Team USA
FrankFit vs Jon/Tim

Please ensure that all team captains email me the following to verify:

Team Name, Primary contact with phone and email, Secondary contact with phone and email.

The website will be updated once I get all the info and can craft a new schedule for 8 teams.

Let me know if you have any questions, concerns or if I missed anything.

Have a great season.